Doors to the Past

Holton Cemetery

Cabell County, West Virginia

Holton Quick List

Clay,  Ada  M.
Clay,  Herston
Clay,  William  "Bill"
Clay,  Willie
Holton,  Andrew
Holton,  Anna Belle
Holton,  E. Jane
Holton,  Ever Elinore
Holton,  Frances
Holton,  John  R.
Holton,  Lovie  O. Nida
Holton,  Luther Leonard
Holton,  Nelson
Holton,  Nettie
Holton,  Rex
McComas,  Clyde
Turley,  Effie
Turley,  Eva
Turley,  James
Turley,  Vetura
Wyant,  Fredlia

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