Bradley W. Foster
( 1834 -- 1922 )



Bradley W.Foster ( 1834 - 1922 ) married Mary Lenora Huntington, a niece of Collis P. Huntington, in 1868; and three years later, the couple moved to Huntington.  On Arriving, Foster built one of the city's first hardware stores.  The venture  ultimately evolved into the Foster-Thornburg Hardware Company, a major  wholesale firm. Foster and Mary had no children. On Foster's death, he left $800,000 to build and operate a home for older unmarried women and widows.  Over the years, the Foster Memorial Home sheltered thousands of  local women. But times change. And beginning inthe 1980's, the Foster Foundation's board began talking about the growing need for adequate housig for all seniors,  not  just women. The result was construction of the  Woodlands, a beautiful, sprawling retirement  Community overlocking Fifth Street Road.


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