Doors to the Past

Morrison (John & Nancy) Cemetery

John Tyler & Nancy B.
Peyton Morrison Graves

Cabell Co., West Virginia

Approximate Location 38-20.720N / 82-13.430W

Located at: These graves are located in the woods on a hilltop along the "River Road" between Salt Rock and Roach in rural Cabell County West Virginia. They were marked only by unengraved field stones when I visited them in October 1997. A metal marker has been erected at the graves. The land where the graves are located was once part of John and Nancy's farm.
Read by:
Ed Griffith on October 31, 1997.
Submitted by: Ed & Phyllis Griffith

Permission to use this Cemetery was given on Nov. 17, 2006
by Ed Griffith

John Tyler Morrison 
(son of John T. Morrison & Nancy Ann Thompson)

(10/21/1817 - 12/21/1869)

Nancy B. Peyton Morrison (3/2/1822 - 1/1888)


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