Capt. Andrew Hatfield Cemetery  (Extinct)

Directions: From Barboursville- drive app. 6 miles South on McComas Road going toward Salt Rock. Turn right onto Roach Road.
You will immediately come upon a bridge crossing the Guyan river. After you cross the bridge, as you come off the other side,
you will see a brick house and driveway on your right. As you turn into the driveway, it will split and you bear to the right. You will then turn to the left onto
another gravel driveway. Follow it to the end (about 1/10 mile) to the brown doublewide home.
This is part of the old Frye farm. Please ask permission of the homeowner before proceeding.
You will walk thru the yard to the right of the house toward a little outbuilding by the hillside.
 There is a grownup path you will walk down the hillside (abt 25ft.) to a narrow bottom along the riverbank.
Turn to the left and walk  maybe 500 feet to a wider spot where there is a fenced in area. Near the fence is a few old trees.
At one end is a clump of large oaks. At the other end is a couple Boxelder maples. One of the maples is hollow.
They look to be well over 100 years old. But I understand boxelders do not normally survive that long. If you turn right at the maples,
you will walk straight into the river at a sharp bend. This little flat area has flooded many times as it is so low and close to the river.
 I don’t know why the Hatfields would have been buried here, except it must have looked a lot different 200 years ago.

From “History of the Mose Hatfield Family:
complete to 1940” by Tina (Hatfield) Ashworth, an unpublished family history I found in the Hinchman Family Collection in Special Collections at Marshall University in Huntington, WV.
“Capt. Hatfield and his wife were buried on the inside bend of the river, where it makes a sharp turn to the West. Time and flood have erased nearly all trace of their graves.”

Capt. Andrew Supplee Hatfield
B. July 25, 1737
     Philadelphia Co. PA
D. Jan. 25, 1813
           Roach, Cabell Co. (W)VA

Christina (Powell) Hatfield
    B. Abt. 1739 - 1741   
D. Oct. 25, 1809
          Roach, Cabell Co. (W)VA
***Some researchers giver Christina’s maiden name as Snidow also****

         Read by George Swann  Aug. 2, 2013

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