Doors to the Past

Browning Gap Cemetery

Cabell - Lincoln County, West Virginia

Browning Quick List

Adkins,  Boyd Lee
Adkins,  Bruce
Adkins,  Esther Lee
Adkins,  Francis
Adkins,  Gladys
Adkins,  Jessie  H.
Adkins,  Paul  S.
Bias,  Less
Bias,  Louisa
Bias,  Susie
Bias,  Wetsel (Wetzel)
Hammond,  Robert Edison
Lawson,  Herbert
Lawson,  Ida
Lawson,  Jerry
Lebien,  Arlie
Lebien,  Randolph
Mays,  (Infant)
Mays,  Carrie
Mays,  Emma Jane
Mays,  Fred  T.
Mays,  John  T.
Mays,  William Delbert
Parsons,  Charlie
Parsons,  Howard
Parsons,  Lilian (Lillian)
Parsons,  Vesta
Turley,  Isegene (Vaughn) "Doris"
Turley,  Mary

Other Possible Burials:

Lawson,  James
Lawson,  Mary


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