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Clay (Jim) Cemetery

Cabell County, West Virginia

Clay (Jim) Detail List

Latitude: N 38° 17.297
Longitude: W 082° 17.268
Elevation: 780 feet
Accuracy: 20 feet

From Barboursville take Alt. 10 and Rt.10 till you come to Upper Heath Creek Rd. (7.6 miles).  Turn Right onto this road and go to the crossroads (3.1 miles). Turn Left onto this road and go to the next crossroads (0.8miles).  Do not turn at this road.  Keep going straight up this road (Bowen Cr. Rd.) Go 1.2 mile.  You will come to a gate on your Right.  Go through this gate and cross the creek and go up to the barn.  The Cemetery is up the hill to the Right of the barn.  It is on the 3rd. flat (Bench) on the hill.  You will have to climb the hill to the Cemetery.  It is best to take the old road behind the barn to the Cemetery.   The Cemetery is fenced but is overgrown with brush.

James Clay / Wesley Cremeans Family Cemetery

Bowen Creek Road on the hill directly behind the former Carmell Adkins residence

On October 30 2006 Barry Huffstutler and Ed Prichard visited this cemetery and the following was observed:

The cemetery is wedge shaped with an average of 4-5 graves to a row surrounded by barbwire. There were 44 + recognizable graves, most marked with fieldstones.

Legible markers of James Clay, Wesley Cremeans, Mahala Cremeans, Arminty Debar, Hirum Cremeans and Maud Adkins

The James Clay or "Jim Clay" Cemetery is located on a hillside overlooking Bowen Creek Road in Cabell Co WV. It is also the family cemetery of Wesley  and Mahalia Frances Jefferson Cremeans. The Clay and Cremeans homesteads were located on opposite sides of Bowen Creek Road. It is known as the "Jim Clay" because at one time his was the oldest legible marker in the cemetery. James Clay was born in 1843 ( wife Cintha, b 1836)) and had one son, Burton born in 1870. This is according to the 1880 Cabell County Census of the McComas District. Several Cremeans children are proven or suspected of being buried in this cemetery. The 1934 Cabell Co death certificate for Typhus Cremeans lists his burial place a Bowen. This may be the Jim Clay / Wesley Cremeans Family Cemetery on Bowen Creek, Cabell Co WV. Prichard family history states the Mary Elizabeth Cremeans Prichard, “Ella”, d/o Wesley and Mahalia was buried in the Jim Clay Cemetery with her two dead paternal twins, Golden and Goldie,  between her legs.

 James Clay and Wesley Cremeans Sr. were found on the same page of the 1880 Cabell Co, McComas Dist. Census!!! (page 127a)

JAN.  12,  1890
MAR.  14,  1918
Asleep in Jesus

Footstone:  "M.A."

Location:  2nd. Row - 3rd. Grave

Maud Prichard Adkins, was born January 12 1890. She was the first child of William Prichard and Mary "Ella" Cremeans. She was the wife of Lloyd Adkins, son of Andrew G. Adkins and Alafair. Lloyd lived on Hickory Ridge and Maud lived on Stringtown Hollow which heads on Hickory Ridge. Maud died March 14 1918 and was buried in her mother's family cemetery, The Jim Clay Cemetery.

Source:  Ed Prichard

In my Father's house
are many mansions
1841 --
--  1916

Footstone:  "J.C."

Location:  3rd. Row - 5th. Grave

1889 1972

Note:  This grave is marked with a Medal Marker only.

Hiram or Hirum Nickname was "Sonny"
Son of William Cremeans & Brother to Wesley Cremeans.

Location:  5th. Row - 5th. Grave

JUNE  29,  1945

Location:  1st. Row - 2nd. Grave

AUG.  13,  1922

Location:  1st. Row - 3rd. Grave

THE  •  18  •  1837

Note:  This stone is old and very hard to read.

Location:  5th. Row - 1st. Grave

Note:  From the Cabell Co. Death Records
Arminta DeBoy -- Born: 1837 -- Died: Nov. 18, 1908
Husband was John A. DeBoy
d/o Hirum -- which was s/o Burton

Other Possible Burials:
(Source:  Cabell Cemeteries Books by Carrie Eldridge)

Clay,  Burton G.   (mar 1870 - 17 Aug 1897)
Prichard,  Mary Elizabeth Cremeans  (1868 - 1902
Prichard,  Golden & Goldie  (Inf. Twins 1902)
Cremeans,  Hiram  (Died 1865 Civil War)

Unmarked Graves (Rocks)

Cremeans,  Minnie Booth  (02-27-1884 -- 11-27-1947)
           Buried: 11-29-1947   Age: 63
           Born in Lincoln Co., WV and Died in Huntington, WV
           Husband:  William Cremeans
           Parents:  A. Booth & Emma Hicks
           HECK FUNERAL HOME Records &
           Cabell Co. WV Death Certificate

Cremeans,  Typhus (Type)  --  (Aug. 1878 --  06-24-1934)
           s/o Wesley & Mahalia (Jefferson) Cremeans
            Cabell Co. WV Death Certificate

Cremeans,  Joseph  --  (Died Jan. 18 1922  --  Age:74)
            Cabell Co. WV Death Certificate

Cremeans,  Glen  --  s/o Hirum "Sonny" Cremeans
     Buried at the foot of "Sonny" grave. 
     Killed in a car accident.
     Info. from Fae Cremeans/Bartrum
     Note:  There is a old rusty metal marker at the about location
                that is believed to be "Glen" marker.

Note:  The below info was sent in by Ed Prichard

 I believe that Arminta DeBar was Minta Cremeans B 1837
(1860 Wayne Co WV Census) and sister to
Wesley Cremeans. Hirum "Sonny" Cremeans is nephew to
Wesley Cremeans (also burried in Jim Clay).

   Joseph, (also burried in Jim Clay), was f/o Hirum Geter Cremeans,
h/o Kate Cremeans, d/o Wesley!!
All this is substantiated with the census.

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