Doors to the Past

Hatfield (Thomas) Cemetery

Cabell County, West Virginia

Hatfield Detail List

Latitude: N 38 16.629
Longitude: W 082 14.648
Elevation:  936 feet
Accuracy:  23 feet

From US Route 60 in Cabell County at Barboursville, WV.  Take Alt. 10 and Route 10 South to you come to Salt Rock.  At the Chevron Gas station turn Right onto Madison Cr. Rd.   Go about 4.5 miles or till you come to the hill that goes up to the Green Valley Cemetery.   Just before you go up the hill there are 2 dirt roads that turn Right and go up the hill.   Take the second road  (the one that is not to steep).   Go up the road to the house and park.  You will have to walk the rest of the way up the hill.  From the house take the old road up the hill and make sure you stay to your Left.  The cemetery will be at the end of the road.  The cemetery is not fenced but is keep clean.

Submitted by Barry Huffstutler.
Read   December 15, 2006.
Updated:  February 25, 2008

FEB.  28,  1863
MAY  3,  1912
To die is gain.

The stone is broken across the middle and is laying on the ground.

Footstone:  "T.A.H."

[ Headstone ]

MARCH  18,  1955

[ Headstone ]

AUGUST  3,  1956

[ Headstone ]

Note:  There are 9 graves that are marked with Field Stones
           and 1 unmarked grave.

Possible Burials for the 9 field stones graves.

1.  Hatfield,  Myrtle Prichard
     Born: 1892 -- Died: 10-03-1913
     Died of Complications of childbirth
     Source:  WV Culture
                   Ishmael Hatfield (grandson of Myrtle)

2.  Three children of Ben Hatfield
     (Brother of Thomas Hatfield)
     Source:  Robert Hatfield s/o Oda, b/o Ben (son of Thomas)

3.  Three Gue's
     Relatives of Nancy Jane Gue w/o Thomas Adam Hatfield.
     Source:  Robert & Ishmael Hatfield

4.  Hatfield,  Jerry
 Died in his Teens
     s/o Shem Hatfield & Ida Bias (second wife)
     Source:  Robert & Ishmael Hatfield


Note:  Source -- Ed Prichard

Thomas A Hatfield, husband of Nancy Jane Gue.
His son, Shem Hatfield, married Myrtle Prichard, then Ida Bias.

Shem and Ida are buried in the Green Valley Cemetery.

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