Doors to the Past

Jacobs Cemetery

Cabell County, West Virginia

From US 60 at Barboursville take Alt. 10 to Route 10 and go toward Salt Rock, WV.  When you come to Smith Creek Rd. (On your Right) there will be a gravel road on your Left.  Take this road for a short distance and there will be a old road that goes up the hill on your Left side.  At this time it is only a ATV trail.  Take this trail up the hill.  At the top the trail will fork into 2 different trails.  Take the Right hand trail and you will go through a fence and the trail will take you to the cemetery.  You need to get permission from the proper owner before going up to the cemetery.  The owner lives at the end of the gravel road.

The cemetery has been abandon and is very over grown with brush and weeds.  There is only 1 headstone in the cemetery but there are at least 15 graves marked with field stones. 

One (1) of the rock markers has "C. Childers" on it.  One (1) has "A. C." on It.  One (1) has possible a "J.C." on it and one (1) has a possible "I. C." on it.

Read  October 26, 2007
by  Barry Huffstutler, George Swann, & Ben Swann.

Submitted by Barry Huffstutler.

1854 ─ 1928

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