Doors to the Past

Ridgelawn Cemetery

Cabell County, West Virginia

Latitude: N 38  24. 579
Longitude: W 082 19. 866 
Elevation: 674 feet
Accuracy: 19 feet

The Cemetery is located in Cabell County, West Virginia on US 60.
The Cemetery has over 10,000 burials and is well
maintained by the staff.

Read  2009
by  Barry Huffstutler & Ed Prichard

Updated:  2018
Updated:  2021
Updated:  2022
Updated:  2023

Submitted by Barry Huffstutler.

[ Cemetery Map ]

The Cemetery will be broken down into 12 sections for the purpose of record and reading the markers that are located in the cemetery.   Also there are 2 mausoleum located in the cemetery.

Mausoleum # 1 -- Will be to your Left as you come in the
                              Main Entrance.

Mausoleum # 2 -- Will be at the top of the hill at the
                              end of Section C.

Columbarium -- Will be on the Right side of
                          Mausoleum # 1 (Outside)

Section A -- See Cemetery Map.

Section B -- See Cemetery Map. (There are no burials
                    in this section)

Section C -- Starts directly behind the office and runs around
                   the lake and goes to the top of the hill. 
                   (See Cemetery Map)

Section Little C -- Starts at the Main Entrance on your
                             Right and goes up to the office.

Section D -- See Cemetery Map.

Section E -- See Cemetery Map.

Section Little E -- This is a very small section that is
                             across the lake at the bottom of Section E.
                             (See Cemetery Map)

Section F -- See Cemetery Map.

Section G -- See Cemetery Map.

Section H -- See Cemetery Map.

Section I -- See Cemetery Map.

Section J -- See Cemetery Map.

Section K -- See Cemetery Map.

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