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Wall of Fame
---------- A ----------
Robert P. Alexander
Everett S. Allen
Paul Wesley Ambrose
William James "Bill" Archer
---------- B ----------
Betty Heistad Barrett
John C. Beckwith
William H. Blenko, Jr.
Janet Ensign Bromley
Lawrence E. Bruce, Jr.
---------- C ----------
William C. Campbell
Robert D. Carpenter
James E. Casto
Robert C. Chambers
Philip E. Cline
Ruth Layne Cline
Herb Colker
---------- D ----------
Delores I. Dowling
---------- E ----------
Joan C. Edwards
Virginia Ruth Egnor (Dagmar)
Herbert L. Eiselstsin
Roberta Shinn Emerson
Albert C. Esposito
William Arthur Evans
---------- F ----------
Robert Edward Femoyer
Nancy L. Francis
Harold L. Frankel
James & Shirley Funderburk
---------- G ----------
Memphis T. Garrison
Janice Chandler Gold
Alen B. Gould
William Kenneth Grant
Barbara Priddy Guyer
---------- H ----------
John R. Hall
Frank E. Hanshaw, Jr.
Robert B. Hayes
Ken Hechler
James Thomas Hetzer
Charles A. Hoffman
Andrew J. Houvouras
Julian R. Huffman
Revella E. Hughes
---------- J ----------
Sister M. Carola Jehle
C. Bosworth Johnson
Frank P. Justice
---------- K ----------
Alfred E. Knobler
---------- M ----------
Clarence Edward Martin
Violet McCloud Midkiff
H. D. "Dutch" Miller
J. B. Miller
Charles H. Moffat
Roberto Moretti
Maurice A. Mufson
---------- Mc ----------
Ambrose Everett McCaskey
Ray McCoy
Sadie Dudley McGhee
---------- N ----------
Elaine Adams Novak
---------- P ----------
A. Michael Perry
Huey James Perry
J. Robert Prichard
Robert "Bob" Pruett
---------- Q ----------
Glenn J. Queen
---------- R ----------
Marshall T. Reynolds
Jose Israel Ricard
Chester A. Riley
Charles L. Ripper
---------- S ----------
Soupy Sales
Vickie Shaffer
Jane Shepherd
Joseph A. Slash
J. Roger Smith
R. F. Smith, Jr.
Jean Carlo Stephenson
Ruth Christ Sullivan
Lambros A. Svingos
---------- T ----------
Joseph B. Touma
James A. Tweel
---------- U ----------
Cecil Harland Underwood
---------- W ----------
Robert Bruce Walker
George Selden Wallace
Arthur Weisberg
Hershel Woodrow Williams
Deborah Wolfe
Carter G. Woodson
---------- Y ----------
Charles E. Yeager
---------- Z ----------
Regina K. Zitter





Doors to the Past

Greater Huntington Wall Of Fame


Annually, the City of Huntington Foundation recognizes up to four individuals who have made significant contributions to the greater Huntington area through civic or political achievements, artistic endeavors, athletic accomplishments and/or acting as an outstanding ambassador for Huntington.

Each autumn, the foundation hosts its annual "Greater Huntington Wall of Fame" awards dinner to announce new inductees into this special hall of recognition. Anyone, outside of the foundation's board of directors, can submit a nomination for an individual who may be worthy of selection. Nominations are received until June 30 each year. Member of the foundation select each year's honorees from nominations received from the community as a whole.

After the awards dinner, brass plaques features the names and pictures of the honorees are added to the wall at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena. For submission criteria, please contact the foundation at (304) 696-5522.

          1986                                                   1987
    Roberta Emerson                               Jane Shepherd
    William Campbell                               Ken Heckler
    Marshall Reynolds                              Soupy Sales
    John Beckwith                                    Revella Hughes

          1988                                                   1989
    Dr. Carl Hoffman                                Dr. Albert Esposito
    Bos Johnson                                       Robert Moretti
    Phillip Cline                                        Charles Ripper
    Jim Tweel                                           Dr. Charles Moffat
                                                                John R. Hall

          1990                                                   1991
    Nancy Francis                                    Carter Woodson
    Memphis Garrison                              Lawrence Bruce, Jr.
    Glenn Queen                                      Lambros Svingos
    Ruth Sullivan                                      J. B. Miller
    William H. Blenko, Jr.

          1992                                                   1993
    Sid Allen                                             James & Shirley Funderburk
    Betty Barrett                                      Barbara Guyer
    Michael Perry                                     Deloris Dowling
    Dr. R. F. Smith                                    James Hetzer
    Frank P. Justice

          1994                                                   1995
         (NONE)                                          Arthur Weisberg
                                                                H. D. "Dutch Miller
                                                                Ruth L. Cline
                                                                Julian L. Huffman

          1996                                                   1997
    Elaine Adams Novak                          Robert Edward Femoyer
    Harold L. Frankel                               Alan B. Gould
    Coach Ray McCoy                               Andrew Houvouras, Jr.
    Herbert L. Eiselstein                          Joseph B. Touma, MD

          1998                                                   1999
    Dr. Robert Walker                              Robert C. "Chuck" Chambers
    Dagmar (Virginia Ruth Egnor)           Dr. Robert B. Hayes     
    Joseph Slash                                       Woodrow "Woody" Williams    
    Ambrose Everett "Doc" McCaskey     Deborah Wolfe
                                                                 Alfred Knobler

Robert D. Carpenter
George Selden Wallace (The Colonel)
Charles E "Chuck" Yeager
Regina K. "Jerry" Zitter

          2001                                                   2002
    Joan Edwards                                    Sadie Dudley McGhee   
    Bill Evans                                           Maurice A. Mufson, MD
    Coach Bob Pruitt                               Huey James Perry
    Cecil H. Underwood                          J. Robert Pritchard

          2003                                                   2004
    Robert Alexander,  PH.D.                  Herb Colker
    Paul Ambrose,  MD                            Sister M. Carola Jehle
    Janet Ensign Bromley                       William Kenneth Grant
    Jose Ricard  MD                                Violet McCloud Midkiff

          2005                                                   2006
    James Casto                                     William J. "Bill" Archer
    Janice Chandler Gold                       Frank K. Hanshaw, Jr.
    Vickie Shaffer                                   Clarence E. Martin
    J. Roger Smith                                  Chester A. Riley


Note:  Below are the 2007 new Inductees that will be place on the wall.

    Denvil F. Chandler
   Donald E. DeBord
    J. Robert Fletcher
     Kermit E. McGinnis

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The City of Huntington Foundation.




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