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May16, 2006

Edward R. Prichard
#7 Goose Creek Road
Barboursville, WV 25504

Dear Sir:

In response to your request for permission to reprint on the website Joe Coscoe's  "Cabell County Poor Farm, 1853 to 1929,"  from GOLDENSEAL Volume 5, Number 2, this is to confirm that your request has been granted.  Please credit the author as well as GOLDENSEAL.

With regards,
Gordon Simmons
Editorial Assistant

The first five pages is the history of the McKendrie Poor Farm.   The bottom six pages are Census images of the McComas District where the McKendrie Poor Farm was located.   

The 1900 and 1910 and 1930 Census for the McComas District has the people that were living at the Poor Farm at that time.  They will be listed as  "Inmates" on the Census sheets.   Select one of the six links on the Left side and then click on it to enlarge the image.  

    Please notice that in the 1930 Census that the "Poor Farm" is located in Grant District. Keep in mind that after the McKendrie Poor Farm closed in 1929 that some "inmates were sent to the "Everett Farm" near Ona and some sent to the Huntington City Mission. Those titled as inmates in 1930 were probably at the Poor Farm across from Mack's Market at the mouth of Fudge Creek.


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