The 1799 marriage bond 
between Israel Heath and Elizabeth Blue. They had 3 children already 
when they moved into Cabell Co. WV before 1809 (when 4th child was 
born), among the earliest settlers. Heaths Creek, upper and lower, and 
the Heath School are named for this family. Israel Heath first settled 
at what later became Heaths Creek where it met the Guyandotte River.  
Israel Heath was a stonemason by trade. He and his wife Elizabeth 
(Blue) Heath had an additional six children all born in Cabell Co WV 
after they arrived. The children then numbered nine.  Their extended 
family grew up in Cabell County, married,  and had children of their 
own. They lived close to the family of Moses McComas and five of the 
original Israel Heath children married five of the children of Moses 
McComas. The two strong extended (Methodist) families lived there and 
grew for a period of roughly 30 years, being a significant part of the 
development of early Cabell County WV. Then around 1839-40 the two 
families up and moved into Platte County, Missouri together, taking 
most of the extended family with them.

(Photo courtesy of Cameron-Ashley Heath)