Fretwell G. Hensley, Cabell County, WV - Civil War Pension Information

Abstract by Anne Ciochetto, Anacortes, WA, 25 May 2010


Original Pension # 235534

Invalid Certificate # 431698 (increase)

Widow’s Claim # 706864

Widow’s Certificate # 491803


Pensioned from May 16, 1865 at $2; $4 from March 27, 1880; $6 from October 30, 1889; $8 from May 27, 1891; $12 per month commencing June 30, 1898 and ending at date of death, September 26, 1899.  Pension granted for injury to breast and back, rheumatism, and heart disease.  Per the statement filed June 30, 1898, his condition was generally bad at that time and also included neuralgia of the bowels, injured hearing both ears, loss of eyesight, and senility.  Affidavit filed by J. J. McComb, M.D., on 21 October 1899, states that Fretwell G. Hensley died 26 September 1899 from chronic nephritis complicated with pleurisy. Widow’s (Edicey Hensley) application for pension was recommended for rejection 4 June 1901 stating “death resulted from disease of kidneys not due to disabilities which have been legally accepted.”  However, a notice of “Pensioner Dropped” dated 18 June 1906 regarding Widow’s Certificate 491803 states that Edicey Hensley had been receiving a pension of $8 per month, was last paid on 4 March 1906, and was dropped because of her death 3 June 1906.



Private, Company G, 11th Regiment, West Virginia Volunteer Infantry commanded by

            Captain John V. Young

Enlisted: 11 February 1862 at Coals Mouth, West Virginia as a Corporal, reduced in

rank to Private after absence from 21 January 1863 to 1 February 1863.

Discharged: 15 May 1865 at Norfolk, Virginia (approximately three weeks after his discharge from the hospital at Point of Rocks, Virginia, on the 22 or 23rd of April 1865).

(Records show treatment at Flying Hospital 24th A.C. April 2-3, 1865 and in Point of Rocks Hospital, VA, April 4-24, 1865.)


There was a charge of desertion due to absence without proper authority from 21 January 1863 to 1 February 1863 at Winfield, VA. This charge was removed by the Adjutant General’s Office of the War Department on 3 March 1887 “under the provisions of the act of Congress approved July 5, 1884.”


Description from the Record and Pension Office of the War Department, Washington,

March 10, 1898:  “Personal description is as follows: age 37, 5 feet 9 ˝; light complexion; blue eyes and black hair; born in Kanawha, W. Va., a farmer.

Declaration for Original Invalid Pension dated 1 May 1877 states that Fretwell Hensley has resided in Kanawha and Putnam counties in the state of West Virginia since leaving

the service.  Resided near Ona, Cabell County, WV on August 13, 1890 when he petitioned for an increase in his Civil War pension.


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Fretwell G. Hensley, Cabell County, WV - Civil War Pension Information     

Abstract by Anne Ciochetto, Anacortes, WA, 25 May 2010


Document from F. G. Hensley dated 8 March 1898 states: “11 children, 3 dead, the

balance is of age, I can’t give the presise date of ther births.” [Note spelling given as in the original document.]


January 28, 1885 letter written by Fretwell G. Hensley from Guyandotte, W.Va. via his notary, J. L. Caldwell,


“On or about the 7th day of April A. D. 1865 he was struck by a slab of timber which injured him in the chest and back so that he has not been able to perform heavy manual labor since.  The circumstances were as follows – early on the morning of that day, the said 7th day of April A. D. 1865, the Color Guard of which he was a member was ordered to advance into the Breastworks which order we obeyed and as soon as we were in the works the rebels opened fire upon us and knocked a slab from off the Breastworks which struck him, the affiant, in the chest knocking him down and inflicking (sic) injuries in his chest and back from which he has not wholly recovered and disabled him to such extent that he has not been able to perform heavy manual labor since.  Immediately after the injury was received he was taken to a hospital at Point Rock on the Appomatox river and there remained under treatment 22 days.”  Signed Fretwell G. Hensly (his mark).  Witnessed by W. O. Wiatt and W. H. Hagen.


Important Dates (from Widow’s Pension File): 

Enlisted February 11, 1862

Discharged May 15, 1865

Died September 26, 1899

Declaration filed February 15, 1900

Invalid application(s) filed May 7, 1877, May 19, 1892, and September 15, 1900

Claimant’s marriage to soldier March 2, 1847

No former marriage of soldier



Affidavits and Documents submitted on behalf of Fretwell G. Hensley:


1.         Witnesses to Soldier’s Application dated 15 July 1892:  Lee Shumaker and

            W. J. Arthur, both residing at Huntington, WVa., who have known

            Fretwell G. Hensley 20 years and 8 years, respectively.  [Note: Lee Shumaker is

            Leonidas Shumaker, Fretwell Hensley’s son-in-law, married to daughter,

            Ada M. Hensley.]


2.         General Affidavit from Lewis Porter, 66,  and Jessy Ford, 49, citizens of the Town of Ona,        County of Cabell, West Virginia, and neighbors of Fretwell G.

Hensley, dated  26 June 1893.


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Fretwell G. Hensley, Cabell County, WV - Civil War Pension Information  

Abstract by Anne Ciochetto, Anacortes, WA, 25 May 2010



3.         Affidavit of Lee Shumaker, age 38, of Ona, Cabell, WV, dated 7 July 1898.  States he has known Fretwell G. Hensley 23 years, has worked with him and details medical conditions he is aware of.  He states that Hensley is a “man of temperate habits.” Witness J. W. Cremeans, notary R. L. Sanders.


4.         Affidavit of James W. Cremeans, of Ona, Cabell County, WV, dated 7 July 1898.

            States he has known Hensley for 18 years and verifies medical conditions.

Witness Lee Shumaker, notary R. L. Sanders. [Note:  James W. Cremeans is

Fretwell Hensley’s son-in-law, married to his daughter Eliza A. Hensley.]


5.         Declaration for Widow’s Pension dated 13 October 1899, Edicey Hensley

            of Ona, Cabell County, West Virginia, witnessed by John P. Hensley and

            Ulisis Murphy, notarized by C. S. Hensley.  States she has no other means

            of support. [Note: Ulisis (Ulysses) Murphy is the grandson of Edicey Hensley,

son of her daughter Edith who married Levi Murphy.  C. S. Hensley is probably Coleman Shelton Hensley, son of Fretwell G. Hensley.]


6.         Affidavit for Widow’s Claim no. 706864, Ann Hensley, age 70, of Burdett,

            Putnam County, WV, states she was present at the marriage of Fretwell Hensley

            And Edicey McCallister.  Witnesed by T. J. Kayser and Elizabeth Kayser,

            notarized by C. S. Hensley, dated 8 November 1899.


7.         Affidavit of marriage:  Fretwell G. Hensley to Edicey McCallister signed by

            W. J. Hayslett , Burdett P.O., Putnam County, WV, witnessed by Annie Hayslett,

            Emma Hayslett, and notarized by C. S. Hensley, 23 Nov 1899.  Marriage date:

            2 March 1847.


8.         Widow’s Claim for Pension dated 6 February 1900, signed by Edicey Hensley

            (her mark), witnessed by Daisy Dolen of Ona, WV, and W. J. Hensley of

            Ona, WV, notarized by C. S. Hensley. 


9.         Widow’s Affidavit of Property, dated 6 of February 1900: “I sepose all the

            property I am worth would bring thirty or thirty five dollars.  I have one old milch

            cow and a little household goods.  I have no income.”  Signed Edicey Hensley

            her mark), witnessed by Daisy Dolen and W. J. Hensley.


10.       Marriage certificate from Cabell County Court Clerk’s Office dated

            6 March 1900 states that Fretwell G. Hensley and Dicy McCalister were

            married in said county on the 2nd day of March 1847 by Wythel A. Wood.

            [Note: original minister’s record can be viewed at, marriages,

            indexed as Fradwell Hensley.]


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Fretwell G. Hensley, Cabell County, WV - Civil War Pension Information     

Abstract by Anne Ciochetto, Anacortes, WA, 25 May 2010




11.       Affidavit by Edicey Hensley of Ona, Cabell, WV, dated 19 March 1900 states

            no previous marriages before her marriage to Fretwell Hensley.  States her age as

            86 years.  Witnessed by J. P. Hensley and W. J. Hensley, notarized by

            C. S. Hensley.


12.       Affidavit of Andrew J. Mynes of St. Albans, WV, dated 31 December 1900:

            states he was with Fretwell G. Hensley about 20th of July 1863 at Point Pleasant;

            Hensley treated by a doctor there for pleurisy.  About May 1864 when on the

            Lynchburg Raid, Hensley sent to hospital as he couldn’t stand to March; about

            5th of April 1865 at Hatchers Run, VA, he was injured by a log off the breastwork.


13.       Articles of Agreement:  21 Feb 1900, Edicey Hensley, widow of Fretwell G. Hensley, agrees to pay Edgar T. Gaddis, a Washington D.C. attorney, $25 to represent her with her Widow’s Pension application.  Witnesses W. J. Hensley and Bessie Murphy.


14.       Affidavit of death submitted by J. J. McComb, M.D. of Ona, Cabell Co., WV,

On 1 January 1901 states Fretwell G. Hensley died 26 September 1899 due to chronic kidney disease of several years duration.



A copy of the original pension file for Fretwell G. Hensley was made at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. and is in the possession of Anne Ciochetto, 2802 W. 2nd Street, Anacortes, WA 98221.



Obituary for Fretwell G. Hensley

Cabell Record, Milton, WV, Thursday, September 28, 1899, pg. 1.


F. G. Hensley, aged 74 years, died at his home on Fudge creek, September 26, 1899, of complications of disease.  A wife and eight grown children survive him.  Deceased came to Cabell nineteen years ago from Kanawha county.  Burial at Blue Sulphur yesterday.