Leith School

Located on Tyler Creek road near Salt Rock.
Said to be located on a hill near the Bias Cemetery on Tyler Creek.
Dated around 1938-39.


Names of students and Teacher not known.  Also
year picture was taken is not known.


One of the oldest known one room schools was the Peyton school which stood
between Trace and Tyler Creek along what is now known as Trace Creek Cress
Harrison and Elizabeth J (Mayapple) Peyton deeded the McComas District Board
of Education one half of an acre including the building already there on
July 23, 1866. How long the school had been there before the deed is

The Peyton farm was sold to Washington Fellure and Theoderick Leith and
divided mutually between them. Leith got the half where the school was
located and It became known as the Leith School. Later the school was moved
up on the hill.
Mr. William Thompson said he went to school at Ousley Gap to a Missy Peyton
who taught a subscription school, she married Harvey Blackwood and lived at

Cabell Co History ,
Morrow Library
Marshall University.

Cleda Stevens a custodan of the Enon Cemetery book said "the school was a
five sided building with a wood stove in the odd corner in the rear. it sat
in what is now the new section (of Enon Cemetery) up the new concrete steps.
The flag pole was cut off and still sticks up out of the grounf about a
Greg Payton, 2001