Branchland Pipe and Supply


Branchland Pipe and Supply advertised with matchbooks like this one.
 The Huntington-based company also had an office in Paintsville, Ky.

Courtesy of James E. Casto


HUNTINGTON In 1921, David Fox of Huntington established the
Branchland Pipe and Supply Co. Starting out small, the company
would grow to become a recognized leader in the oil and natural
gas supply business. Headquartered in Huntington,
it also had an office in Paintsville, Kentucky.

David Fox Jr. succeeded his father as the president of
Branchland Pipe. He in turn was succeeded
 by his son, David Fox III.

In 1981, Anglo Energy Ltd., an energy holding company,
purchased Branchland Pipe from the Fox family. Not
long after that, Anglo Energy sold the Huntington
firm to Northern Energy Supply, a subsidiary
of New York-based Bastian Industries.

In 1984, the Fox family re-entered the oil and gas
 supply business by forming Appalachian Pipe and
Supply. The new firm located its main office
at Hurricane and went on to open branch
operations in West Virginia,
Ohio and Kentucky.

Appalachian Pipe was profitable every month of its existence,
even during times of industry-wide downturns. In
1989, it merged with the oil and gas division of
Charleston-based McJunkin Corp. to form
the largest oil field supply company
in the Eastern United States.


Note:  This Article and picture appeared in the Herald-Dispatch Newspaper on Jan. 3, 2023.


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