C. M. Love & Co. Hardware


In 2006, work began to remove an aluminum faAade that had been installed on the C. M. Love & Co.
building in an effort to make it look more modern.  The long time hardware store closed in 2010.
Today its former building houses the offices of the Campbell Wood law firm.


HUNTINGTON -- Charles Marion Love opened his C.M. Love & Co. in 1910 at 1040 3rd Ave.
The store was tiny just 20 feet across and initially sold just seeds and farming equipment.
Over the years, Love added items of hardware and housewares to his stock of merchandise.

The store thrived in its original location until 1961 when the Huntington Urban Renewal Authority
bought its building and several adjacent structures. With the old buildings demolished,
the site became the home of Mack & Dave's Department Store.

When it looked for a new location, Love's didn't go far. It moved to a three-story brick and stone
structure in the same block as its original home. The building at 1002 3rd Ave. was built as a
bank in 1894 and later housed the Huntington office of Appalachian Power Co., which sold it to Love's.

Over the years, the family-owned store constantly added other merchandise to its traditional offerings.
Gift items and Marshall University memorabilia proved especially popular with shoppers.

In an effort to make the old building look more modern, an aluminum facade was installed on it.
In 2006, with the idea of turning the store building's second and third floors into loft-style apartments,
its aluminum skin was removed, revealing large windows that had long been covered over.

In 2010, C.M. Love & Co. marked its 100th anniversary. That same year saw it close its doors,
turning the building over to developers Philip Nelson and Jim Weiler who
renovated it to house the offices of the Campbell, Woods law firm.


Note:  This Article and picture appeared in the Herald-Dispatch Newspaper on July 4, 2016


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