Central Veneering Co.


Established in 1893, the Central Veneering Co. was sold to the
 Wood-Mosaic Co. in 1927. It shut down in 1973.


HUNTINGTON — In 1893, a group of businessmen founded a new community,
Central City, just west of Huntington. They successfully lured a number of factories
to their new town by offering them free property on which they could locate.
 A number of the community’s new factories made wood products.

The Hartzell Handle Co. factory originally was located in
 Guyandotte, but when it was destroyed in a fire, owner
Irvin Hartzell eagerly accepted an invitation to
construct his new factory in Central City.

The Beeder Box Co. evolved into the Duncan Box and Lumber
 Co., a Central City landmark until it finally closed in 2015.

In an era when beer and whiskey were made and sold by the barrel,
something was needed to plug the hole in the barrel. The little
piece of wood that performed that essential task was called
 a “bung,” and the Central City Bung Co. fashioned thousands
 of them. It had an abundant supply of hardwood to work
 with, along with handy transportation by rail and river.

And in 1894, William Seiber established the Central Veneering Co.,
 which turned timber into hardwood flooring for residences and
businesses. Seiber was a popular man in Central City. Elected
 mayor, he presided over the construction of the little town’s
City Hall. (In 1908, when Huntington annexed Central City,
the Huntington Fire Department took over the building,
 using it as its St. Cloud Station. The building is still
standing at Madison Avenue and West 14th Street.)

In 1927, the Central Veneering factory at West 15th Street was
sold to the Wood Mosaic Co. Wood Mosaic operated a number
of factories in the United States and Canada that manufactured
wooden mosaic flooring. It was founded in 1883 by Charles E.
Rider in Rochester, N.Y. In 1909, it moved its headquarters
 to New Albany, Indiana. In 1922, it moved again, this time
 to Louisville, Kentucky, where it later went out of business.
 According to records in the West Virginia Secretary of
State’s office, Wood Mosaic’s Huntington
factory shut down in 1973.


Note:  This Article and picture appeared in the Herald-Dispatch Newspaper on Nov. 2, 2021.


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