Davidson's Record Shop


For years, Davidsonís Record Shop was the place to
 go for the latest and hottest rock and roll records.


HUNTINGTON ó In the 1950s, rock and roll burst on the nation
and revolutionized the music scene.

America had never heard anything like it before. Characterized
 by a heavy beat and simple melodies, it was an amalgam of
black rhythm and blues and white country music.
 While their parents may have hated it, youngsters
 loved it and flocked to buy rock and roll
records. Rock music became the
soundtrack of a youthful generation.

And young rock fans in Huntington knew the best place
to get their hot hands on the latest rock 45s by
Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Buddy Holly
and, of course, Elvis was Davidsonís
Record Shop at 907 4th Ave.

The little shop was always busy after school let out each
 day and on weekends was strictly standing room only.

William A. Davidson, who opened the shop in 1957,
said the business was the first in West Virginia to
sell retail phonograph records as a specialty
 rather than as a department in a musical
equipment or department store.

In 1982, the inventory and fixtures of the popular store were
 sold to Mr. and Mrs. John Howard of Grayson, Ky., who
operated retail record shops in Grayson and Ashland
under the name D.J. Records. Initially the Howards
operated their Huntington store under
 the original Davidsonís name.

Later, the store changed hands and ultimately closed.


Note:  This Article and picture appeared in the Herald-Dispatch Newspaper on Aug. 31, 2021.


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