Fulton Tool Works


Once Sears introduced its Craftsman brand tools in
1927, Fulton tools remained in the company’s
mail-order catalog but were listed as a
 cheaper, secondary brand.


The Fulton Tool Works was established in 1882 in Canal Fulton, Ohio.
 By 1916, the company needed more plant space and so relocated
to Huntington, where it erected a factory building
 at 25th Street and Guyan Avenue.

Fulton manufactured hand tools such as screwdrivers,
 wrenches, wood planes, saws and axes, as well as
 specialized mining tools and oil well supplies.

Starting in 1905, the company’s hand tools were offered in the
Sears, Roebuck & Co. mail-order catalog. However, once
Sears introduced its Craftsman brand tools in 1927,
 Fulton tools remained in the company’s catalog but
 were listed as a cheaper, secondary brand.

The 1918 edition of the Huntington City Directory listed J.L
Hawkins as president of Fulton Tool and Clyde C.
Hartzell as vice president. The Directory’s 1920
 edition identified Hatzell as general manager
and James T. Powers as superintendent.
 The 1930 listing included only one
name, John J. Adams, who was
identified as general manager.

Over the years, Huntington’s Emmons &
Hawkins Hardware Co. did a brisk
business selling Fulton tools.

According to corporate records in the West Virginia
 Secretary of State’s office, Fulton Tool Works
went out of business in 1935, apparently
 a victim of the Great Depression.


Note:  This Article and picture appeared in the Herald-Dispatch Newspaper on Apr. 4, 2023.


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