Highlawn Pharmacy


In 1980, Highlawn Pharmacy was honored for filling its millionth prescription. From left are co-owner
 Andy Thomas, pharmacists Terry Knight, Frank McClendon and Ralph Powers,
 with pharmaceutical company representative Ronald Vanover.


HUNTINGTON — Highlawn Pharmacy, on the southwest corner of 3rd Avenue
 and 26th Street, was a familiar part of Huntington’s East End for 75 years.

In 1913, the pharmacy was opened by Charles T. Thurmond and James
W. Snoddy. Earlier, Snoddy had been a partner in the Newman and
Snoddy Drug Co. at 902 7th Ave. In 1915, Harry Grey
 purchased the store. The Huntington City Directory
 for 1930 listed its owner as Lucien Reinhart.

The City Directory for 1940 cited Maynard M. Thomas
as the owner. He later transferred ownership to his
 sons, Andy and Bill Thomas.

In 1977, the Huntington Advertiser reported the store was struggling with the
question of what to do about “dirty” magazines. Responding to complaints
from customers who found the magazines offensive, the store took them
 out. Then other customers complained that the publications were no
 longer available. So they were brought back but moved behind
 the counter. But their sales dropped drastically
because they were no longer displayed.

Then co-owner Andy Thomas hit on the idea of sealing the
magazines in opaque blue plastic bags with only the
 titles showing through a clear window. That
 apparently settled the matter.

In 1980, Highlawn Pharmacy was honored for filling its millionth
prescription. Steven D. Arthur and three others purchased
the pharmacy in 1983 and in 1998 sold it to the CVS
chain. Today, the pharmacy’s former building is
home to the Highlawn location of
 Valley Health Systems.


Note:  This Article and picture appeared in the Herald-Dispatch Newspaper on Mar. 22, 2021.


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