Kennedy Dairy


The Kennedy Dairy Co. was formed by Wallace Kennedy in 1930
when he bought out the former Blue Ribbon Dairy Co.

Courtesy of James E. Casto

HUNTINGTON — Over the years, the Huntington area has
 been home to a number of dairies — Guyan Creamery,
 Spring Hill, Tinsley’s, Blatt’s and others.

One of the community’s largest and best-known dairies
 was the Kennedy Dairy Co, formed by Wallace
Kennedy in 1930 when he bought out the
 former Blue Ribbon Dairy Co.

 Originally, the Kennedy Dairy was located at 8th Avenue
 and 14th Street but as its business grew that building
 proved inadequate. So in 1937 the company built
 a large brick building on the southwest corner
of 8th Avenue and 12th Street. There it
 employed 65 people in its
 plant and offices.

The Borden Co. acquired the Kennedy Dairy in
 1941 and went on to operate at the former
 Kennedy location for more than 50 years.

In the 1960s, Borden’s Huntington plant processed and
 bottled milk from more than 170 dairy farms in the
 region. It also manufactured ice cream, which
was distributed and sold throughout southern
 West Virginia. In 1970, the company halted
all manufacturing at the building and after
 that used it solely as a distribution
 center for products that
 were trucked in.

 In 1985, Borden demolished the old Kennedy Dairy
 building, saying it was “economically beyond
 repair.” But the company stayed on in the
neighborhood, moving to a new building
 it had constructed next door. Ultimately,
 Borden moved out and was replaced
 for a few years by Broughton Dairy.

 Today, all traces of the three dairy firms — Kennedy,
 Borden and Broughton — have been erased and
 their former corner location is the site of an
 Appalachian Power Co. substation.


Note:  This Article and picture appeared in the Herald-Dispatch Newspaper on Feb. 15, 2022.


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