M. D. Angel's Building


The Movement Mortgage building is housed in what was once the Angel Building at 918 4th. Ave.,
Huntington,  Huntington developer Shane Radcliff restored the building's distinctive
facade as part of a 2014 renovation.


HUNTINGTON -- The M.D. Angel Co. - generally known as Angel's - was long a favorite with
downtown Huntington shoppers. The store was located at 918 4th Ave. in a building
 that originally was built in 1910 to house the Johnson Mortuary.

In 1929, Max D. Angel purchased the building and opened a men's clothing store.
The building's original facade was plain red brick, but Angel wanted something
different. He had the storefront decorated with black Belgian marble and
placed elaborately rendered color coats of arms beneath each window.

Angel's prospered over the years, eventually adding boys and women's clothing
to its offerings. In 1961, The Union Company, a Columbus, Ohio,
 department store, purchased it as a branch location.

In an interview, Don Levy, the grandson of store founder S. M. Levy, explained that the
store was called "The Union" because it was started in Chicago during the Civil War
and "the Union was North and was on everyone's tongue at the time." The Union
 opened in Columbus in 1894. At one time it operated six stores in central
 Ohio, and then began adding stores elsewhere, including Huntington.

The Union closed its Huntington store in 1963, saying it wanted to concentrate on its
 central Ohio locations. In the subsequent years the 4th Avenue building saw only
a series of short-term tenants and was much altered from its original appearance.

In 2014, Huntington developer Shane Radcliff purchased the former Angel's building,
 refurbishing its first floor retail space, converting the upper floors into apartments -
and restoring the distinctive facade that M.D. Angel installed on his clothing store.


Note:  This Article and picture appeared in the Herald-Dispatch Newspaper on January 2, 2017.


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