Mycroft's Bar and Grill


Today. Mycroft's Bar and Grill is a fond memory.
It closed its doors in 2004.


HUNTINGTON -- If you're a fan of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, then you know that Mycroft Holmes
was Sherlock's smarter brother, who preferred solving crimes from his armchair
rather than venturing forth and tracking down evildoers the way Sherlock did.

Today, it's a mystery why the original owners of Mycroft's Bar & Grill named it as they did.
In any event, today Mycroft's is just a fond memory. The popular eatery at
 3rd Avenue and 20th Street closed its doors in 2004, and
Marshall University later demolished the building.

But for more than 20 years and under various owners, Mycroft's was a popular spot
 with Marshall students, faculty members and other hungry and thirsty folks.

When Marshall opened its new Joan C. Edwards football stadium on 20th Street,
 Mycroft's was located little more than a field goal away from the stadium and
so was always a sea of green and a crowded, hectic place on game
 days, with a tailgate stand outside doing a brisk business.

"I once sold $300 worth of hot dogs on game day,"
a manager said in a 2003 newspaper interview.

Lunch at Mycroft's was mostly sandwiches, including the best-selling
Nitty Gritty Grinder (roast beef or turkey on an Italian roll) and the
always popular Monte Cristo, among others. The dinner menu
offered more ambitious fare, including sirloin steak,
a BBQ rib platter, smothered chicken, blackened
 chicken pasta and vegetarian pasta.

Cabell County enacted a restaurant smoking ban in February 2004,
 and Mycroft's closed its doors five months later, in July.
 "The smoking ban did us in," a manager complained
 to The Herald-Dispatch. "If you look at the
 numbers, there's a drastic difference
 between this year and last.


Note:  This Article and picture appeared in the Herald-Dispatch Newspaper on Apr. 16, 2018.


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