Nick's News and Card Shop


In 1976 Construction of the new Cabell County Public Library forced Nick's News
to move its original 9th. Street home to thid new location at 805 4th. Ave.


HUNTINGTON -- These days, thanks to the internet, if you want to see today's edition of your
favorite out-of-town newspaper, it's a simple matter to call it up on your computer screen.

But before the advent of the internet, you had to wait for copies to be delivered
to your local newsstand - a wait that could stretch for days.

For years, outside racks in front of Nick's News at 433 9th St., across from the city's
 old Carnegie Library, offered newspapers for sale from a dozen or more of the
 nation's big cities, all shipped to Huntington each day aboard the C&O's
George Washington and its other passenger trains.

The shop, established by Nick Aborizk and his wife, Hazel, also sold greeting cards,
 magazines, comic books, paperback books, candy, snacks, cigarettes, cigars,
 pipe tobacco and a long list of other things. When Nick Aborizk died,
Ernest and Louise Tweel took over the shop. That was in 1947. Louise

Tweel was Hazel Aborizk's sister.

When the C&O's passenger service ended in 1971 with the formation of Amtrak,
it meant a big change for newsstands such as Nick's that had to turn to
Greyhound buses for delivery of the newspapers they stocked.

In 1976, construction of the new Cabell County Public Library on the northwest corner of
 9th Street and 5th Avenue displaced a number of businesses, including Nick's News,
 which moved to 805 4th Ave. After her husband died, Mrs. Tweel continued to
run the store but eventually sold it. Later the store's
 name was changed to People's News.

In 2005, many of the newsstand's longtime customers were shocked by its sudden closure.
Balley's News Inc., the Parkersburg company that had purchased the store,
described the closure as part of a downsizing decision.


Note:  This Article and picture appeared in the Herald-Dispatch Newspaper on Feb. 12, 2017


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