Quality Bedding Co.



In 1953, the Quality Bedding Company built this addition to its mattreee
plant at Guyan Avenue and 25th. Street.


HUNTINGTON  Budd L. Moser, the founder of the Quality Bedding Company,
was born in St. Louis in 1910. He didn't intend to enter the bedding business
when he graduated from The Ohio State University.
His goal was to become a lawyer.

But Moser graduated at the height of the Great Depression, so after
 a year at law school he didn't have the money needed to continue.
 So he dropped out of school and entered a management
 training program with the Lazarus Department Store.

When Moser left Lazarus, he came to Huntington and went to work for
another mattress firm. In 1949, he and that company's production
manager, Byron B. Mays, quit and formed their
own company, Quality Bedding.

The two men built a plant building at Guyan Avenue and 25th Street,
 hired production workers and started making mattresses.
 Business was brisk, so much so that in 1953 they needed
 to build an addition to the plant. A fleet of company-
owned trucks delivered Quality Bedding mattresses
 to customers in West Virginia, southern Ohio,
 eastern Kentucky, western Pennsylvania,
 northern Tennessee and Virginia.

Quality Bedding was a member of BEMCO Associates, a
 cooperative group of mattress companies headquartered
 in High Point, North Carolina. Budd Moser was one of
the four original partners in the co-op and he liked
 to point out the B in BEMCO stood for him.

Moser was active in civic affairs and served on Huntington City
Council. In 1980, Jay Moser, who had spent 25 years with
 Quality Bedding, succeeded his father as
the company's president

Budd Moser died in 1981. According to records in the
 West Virginia Secretary of State's office, Quality
 Bedding went out of business in 1996.


Note:  This Article and picture appeared in the Herald-Dispatch Newspaper on Oct. 29, 2018.


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