Richard's Shell Service


In 1962 , motorists could buy gasoline for 17.9 cents a gallon and regular and
19.9 cents for premium at Richard's Shell Service on U.S. 60 East.


Editor's note: This is the 238th in a series of articles recalling vanished Huntington scenes.

HUNTINGTON In 1960, Richard Minnix helped a friend, Ronnie Wright, open a new Texaco
service station across from Cabell Huntington Hospital. The following year he married
the former Peggy S. Farley. The couple has been married for 57 years.

In 1962, Minnix opened Richard's Shell Service on U.S. 60 East, the first of five Shell
stations that were built in the Tri-State area. The other four were in Barboursville,
 at 8th Avenue and 10th Street, on Adams Avenue and in Kenova.

Minnix recalls selling gasoline for 17.9 cents a gallon for regular and 19.9 cents for premium.
 "People would buy a dollar's worth at a time, which was five gallons. You could fill a
20-gallon tank for $4. We had a Silver Dollar Card. Each time you bought gas
 your card was punched, and when it was full, you got a silver dollar."

In 1965, he bought an Esso station, Minnix Riverside Esso, located at 4600 U.S. 60 East,
 one block west of the Shell station. "At the Esso station, we had lots of promotions.
 We gave away drinking glasses with each fill-up and also gave out Top Value
 stamps. You pasted the stamps in a booklet and could redeem
 them for items at Big Bear stores."

"We were a full service gas station. When you pulled in for gas, we would check
your oil, battery and tire pressure, wash your windows and sweep
 your carpets. You never had to get out of your car."

In 1969, Minnix sold the station and took a job as service manager at
Superior Cadillac-Olds. In 1970, he went to work for Bob Mays
 at Standard Food Service and was there for more than
30 years, retiring in 2002. "Currently my
full-time job is golfing," he says.


Note:  This Article and picture appeared in the Herald-Dispatch Newspaper on June 4, 2018.


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