Snaks Fifth Avenue


Customers entered the basement-level Snaks Fifth Avenue after descending an outside flight
of stone steps leading to a patio area.  A wooden door with an ornate
stained-glass inset opened to the restaurant.


In 1980, the Harrison family, who had created the popular Heritage Station restaurant
 at Heritage Village, opened a second eatery, Snaks Fifth Avenue, located
 on the lower level of the Fifth Avenue Hotel at 901 5th Ave.

The hotel basement was the original home of Bailey's Cafeteria, which opened
there in 1934 and then moved on to a new location in the 400 block of
 5th Avenue in 1936, just in time to be caught up in the '37 flood.

Antiques, polished woodwork, cut glass, oriental rugs and hanging plants
gave the restaurant Snaks Fifth Avenue a "shabby chic" appearance.
 The bar was fashioned from a Victorian room divider.

The menu offered soup and sandwiches for lunch and a variety of dinner
 options, but many customers stuck to the menu's "snak" section,
ordering potato skins, fried zucchini and mushrooms,
 shrimp, oysters, cheese platters and chicken platters.

Customers entered the basement-level eatery after descending an outside
flight of stone steps. At the bottom, the stairway opened up to a patio
 area, with wrought-iron tables and chairs utilized for outdoor
dining during good weather. A wooden door with a
stained-glass inset opened to the restaurant.

The entire Harrison clan - brothers Karry and Dirk, parents and spouses -
 pitched in to operate the restaurant, which briefly flourished before
it closed. According to records in the West Virginia Secretary
 of State's office, Lettuce Serve You Inc., which operated
 the restaurant, went out of business in 1986.


Note:  This Article and picture appeared in the Herald-Dispatch Newspaper on Apr. 9, 2018.


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