The Bischoff Drug Store


Sylvester R. Bischoff opened his Bischoff Drug Store in 1936. After
Bischoff’s death, new owner W.E. Turner initially retained the
 Bischoff name on the store but ultimately changed the
 name to Turner’s. The store closed in the early 1970s.

Courtesy of Patrick Morris


HUNTINGTON — The Bischoff Drug Store was founded by Sylvester R.
 Bischoff (1907-1957), who was born in Steubenville, Ohio, then moved
with his family around 1923 from Salem, West Virginia, to Huntington.

His parents opened the Bischoff Glass Company in Huntington at
615 Jackson Ave. Later, they moved their successful art
 glass business to Culloden, West Virginia.

Young Sylvester worked at the Cunningham Pharmacy on Adams
Avenue until he graduated from Huntington High School circa
1925, then earned a pharmacy degree, becoming
a partner with James Cunningham in 1929.

In 1934 there were two Cunningham Pharmacy locations —
one at 1201 Adams Ave. and the other at 1401 Adams
 Ave., with the former location being operated by the
partnership and the latter being owned
by Cunningham only.

 In 1936, Bischoff was sole owner of a new pharmacy,
built across the street, at 1200 Adams Ave.

After Bischoff’s death, two successive owners (Anne B. Charles,
from 1958 to 1961, and W.E. Turner, 1961 to 1968),
 retained the Bischoff name on the store. But later
 the name was changed to Turner’s until the
early 1970s when the business shut down.

Meanwhile, Cunningham Pharmacy at 1401 Adams
Ave. shut down in the late 1980s


Note:  This Article and picture appeared in the Herald-Dispatch Newspaper on Jul, 12, 2022..


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