Doors to the Past

Adkins (Arch) Cemetery

Cabell / Wayne County,  West Virginia

Adkins (Arch) Quick List

Adkins,  (Infant)
Adkins,  Archy
Adkins,  Charles E.
Adkins,  Christeener
Adkins,  Claude
Adkins,  Cordie Leep
Adkins,  H. A.
Adkins,  Ida
Adkins,  L. S.
Adkins,  Lamech    (1861 - 1945)
Adkins,  Lamech    (1819 - 1897)
Adkins,  Leo
Adkins,  Maggie
Adkins,  Mary
Adkins,  Octava
Adkins,  S. M.
Adkins,  Sarah
Adkins,  Sarah A.
Adkins,  Walter
Blankenship,  John R.
Childers,  Sarah L.
Childers,  Vina
Day,  Hurston
Day,  J. H.
Day,  Pairlee
Enyart,  Alvin Gene
Ferguson,  Roxie B.
Howerton,  Margaret
Howerton,  Thomas (Jr.)
Lester,  Reba
Lucas,  Etna Juanita
Lucas,  Ezra
Lucas,  Norman Allen (Jr.)
Stock,  Martha J.
Taylor,  Leona

UNKNOWN  --  1 grave

Note:  See Detail List for other possible burials.

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