Doors to the Past


In a survey of the history of such an institution as this, the following 
question is often asked: Why the church college in the program of 
education? In the concern to be rid of the dictatorial system of education 
at the hands of the medieval, and sometimes, the later church; the 
pendulum has swung to the other extreme, and an almost equally dictatorial 
and intolerant scientific system has taken its place. 
The modern church college stands for investigation and advancement. It 
also stands for the development of the soul along all lines. The aim is 
broad. While one student is being prepared to enter advanced technical 
courses, another is being equipped to pursue liberal arts. Both students 
acquire a broader outlook by association; besides the influence of 
religion is brought to bear on each. The church college, while recognizing 
the demands of the state boards of education, preserves the equilibrium of 
society in a scientific and mechanical age by keeping a one-sided view of 
education from becoming predominant. In all fairness, in this connection, 
the church must recognize the state schools, university and colleges, in 
the maintenance of educational equipoise by preventing the return of any 
sort of scholasticism. 
Development in education has run a cycle. At first colleges, secular or 
religious, were small but in the course of time the growth resulted in the 
great university. Now, the tendency is, in some universities to emphasize 
the college unit once more. In some universities the college is used as 
the basis of government because large student bodies are unwieldy and 
impersonal, or as in some instances, unmanageable and inefficient. The 
small college cultivates the more intimate fellowship of student with 
student, and of professor and student. 
The alumni of Morris Harvey College have been going into big higher 
institutions of learning, especially is this true of more recent years. 
These graduates have made good and are now serving state and church 
Thus Morris Harvey College is justified in her existence by the aims and 
ideals of her curriculum, by the tendency of modern education, and by the 
records of her alumni. 
( 10 )

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