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Doors to the Past

Cabell County Marriages

Early Cabell County Marriages


    In order to have a complete marriage listing from the formation of Cabell County in 1809 through 1900, I, Barry Huffstutler, and my assistant Ed Prichard took it upon ourselves to transcribe the following marriages from the Cabell County Marriage Index found at the Cabell County Courthouse. Before starting this tedious job we checked to see who all had also attempted this venture. In the library we found a partial listing by Cabell County Clerk of Courts, Mr. Douthat, microfilm by Heritage Quest (the Mormons), and comprehensive books by Carrie Eldridge and the KYOVA Genealogical Society. Mrs. Eldridge and KYOVA both have publications for sale which may or may not have additional information not covered in this text.

    The marriages are listed by marriage year and alphabetically by Groom, followed by spouse and date of marriage when available. We suggest you take advantage of the search option found at the top of this page if you only know the female’s maiden name and not that of the spouse or year of marriage.

These records will cover the years for 1809 - 1849

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