Doors to the Past

Davis Creek Community

Uncle Bob was one of Cabell County's oldest tobacco growers at the time of 
his death which occurred September 21, 1924. He had been a lifelong 
resident of Cabell County, serving as constable for thirty-two years. 
C. C. Aills moved to Davis Creek from Ohio in the fall of 1872. He had a 
family of seven children. There were two girls, Miss S. F., a teacher for 
forty years in the public schools and Miss Addie of Four Pole. The five 
boys, Carson, also a teacher, (deceased) Frank, Addison, Crittendon, and 
William are all living on Four Pole. 
They are all loyal citizens. 
In 1873, Archabald Paugh moved to Davis Creek on what is now known as the 
Reece Earls farm. He was a former resident of Wetzel County. He had a 
family of eight children. There were four boys, Josephus (the oldest child 
has been dead about forty years) Reverend J. C. and Reverend Manford of 
the Sixteenth Street Road and Oscar of Huntington. The four girls, Mrs. 
Adeline Leaps, Mrs. Melissa Bolin, Mrs. Rachel Cauliflour, and Mrs. Ella 
Kirkland all of Huntington are still living. They are all good citizens. 
R. P. Hensley settled on Davis Creek in 1872. He reared a family of 
fifteen children, all good respectable people. The five boys are: R. W. 
and T. J. of Davis Creek, Henry (of Huntington until his death) Emry of 
Huntington, and Hale of Dayton, Ohio. The ten girls include Mrs. Orinda 
Melrose (dead), Mrs. Lillie Dillon, Mrs. Beulah Paugh of Davis Creek, Mrs. 
Vida Melrose, Mrs. Anna Dillon, Mrs. Stella Blankenship, Mrs. Eddie Smith, 
Mrs. Ella Bennett, Mrs. Mary Hodge, and Mrs. Eugene Nunnally all of 
Another old settler was Thomas Nash, who moved to Davis Creek from Ohio in 
1878. There were eight children in his family. Two were boys, T. H. Nash 
of Barboursville, who is president of the present county court of 
Huntington and G. A. Nash of Davis Creek, The six girls were Mrs. Emerine 
Blankenship, Mrs. Ellen Keller, Mrs. Mary Guthrie and Mrs. Mahalia Ullom 
(all dead), Mrs. Clara France of Long Branch and Mrs. Georgie Dunfee of 
We have have now come to the older Pastors and Doctors of Davis Creek. 
John T. Johnson came to the Wayne Circuit in 1859 and was there until the 

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