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War of 1812

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On April 19, 1812, Governor Barbour of Virginia issued general orders to the brigadier generals of the state militia establishment calling them into service against the British.  Included in this call was Captain John Simmons' Rifle Company attached to the 120th. Regiment in Cabell County, estimated at 50 men.

By order of September 3, 1812, this company was ordered to repair to Point Pleasant as the place of general rendezvous and it became part of the 2nd. Regiment of the Virginia Militia under Lieutenant Colonel Dudley Evans, under the command of Brigadier General Joel Leftwich and had service in the Northwest.

The brigade crossed the Ohio River on October 20, 1812, and proceeded to Fort Meigs at the foot of the Maumee Rapids in the northwestern portion of Ohio.  It assisted in the erection and defense of Fort Meigs.  Their enlistments expired in April following and they returned home.

The regimental officers of the 120th. Regiment Militia from Cabell County appears as follows.  Colonel Elisha McComas, date of commission July 5, 1813, Major Mahoah Bostick, July 6, 1809, and Major Samuel Smiley, July 5, 1813.  It does not appear that they were ordered into Federal Service.

There was a cavalry company from Cabell County under the command of William Brumfield which served at some period of the war as part of the 3rd. Regiment of Virginia Cavalry at Norfolk and other places on the seaboard.

Cemeteries with 1812 Soldiers

Elisha McComas Cemetery

Union Memorial Cemetery

Yatesmont Cemetery



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