Doors to the Past

Chestnut Grove Church

A Brief History of Chestnut Grove Church
(Taken from Cabell County Heritage Records)

The Church was organized in the year of our Lord 1887, in the Chestnut Grove School House. The School house was built in 1881 by taxpayers money as a public school. The School house and one third acre of land was deeded to the church December 1891 by Simon Cremeans. At that time, there were many chestnut groves on these knobs, ridges, and hilltops. This is how the church got its name.

They continued services in the school house until 1914, then started to build a new church. The new church was soon completed. On August 29th 1915, it was dedicated to God with Rev. D.C. Hutchinson as pastor, and Rev. J.J. Cook, preaching. An annual homecoming is held about the same date each year. In 1946, the church built two Sunday School rooms, furnace room, and choir loft.

In 1955 the church built 3 more Sunday School rooms, vestibule, and bell-tower. The work was done under the supervision of J.E. Miller.

In 1988, 6 new rooms were erected. Many years have gone, the Chestnut trees are gone, many friends have gone. The Church is located 6 miles north of Milton on Dry Ridge.

(Submitted by Keith Kearns)

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