Doors to the Past

Walnut Hills (Nazarene) Church

Walnut Hills Church of Nazarene

(340 Norway Av.)

Pastor - Rev. Michael Lyons

 Church History

1934    Huntington 1st. Church Pastor Claude Bailey and Rev. John Stackhouse,
            alone with 10 charter members organize the Walnut Hills Church of the
            Nazarene on April 1, 1934.  Rev. Stackhouse becomes the first pastor of
            the Walnut Hills Church.   During this time, the church is on the WV/KY
            District.   The church begins in the old Alexander Methodist Episcopal
            Church building.

1936    Rev. Alva Estep becomes the new pastor.

1938    Rev. Luther Cobb becomes pastor.   Later that year, Rev. Stackhouse
            becomes pastor again and purchases lots on Oliver St. and St. Louis
            Ave.   The Sunday School average for September of that year is 106.

1939    Rev. Morris Cook becomes the pastor and begins construction on a
            new church at the Olive St. site, but the work is never completed.

1943    Rev. Thomas Younce becomes pastor, and the church purchases a
            house on Springdale Ave. to be used as the church parsonage. 

1944    Rev. Asa Sparks becomes pastor, and during his pastorate, the church
            purchases the Methodist Church that they had been renting since
            1934.   The church is dedicated on Dec. 31, 1944.   Also during Sparks'
            tenure, the church purchases a new parsonage at 303 Norway Ave.

1949    Rev. Giles Graham becomes pastor.

1954    A. M. Hicks becomes pastor.

1955    Construction begins on the first unit of the two-story bricked
            education wing, which is completed and dedicated in Feb. 1956.   The
            congregation uses the downstairs of the annex for regular worship
            services as the rebuilding of the old church sanctuary is in progress.

1957    The dedication of the new church takes place in October.   The total
            coast of the new educational wing and sanctuary is $47,000.   The
            sanctuary seats 400 downstairs and 100 in the balcony.

1958    The Sunday School average in April is 292.   Four hundred twenty-
            four people attend Sunday School on Easter Sunday.

1960    Ira Fowler becomes pastor.

1962    O. F. Haynes becomes pastor.

1972    Rev. Brady Riffle becomes pastor.

1977    Rev. Allen Woolums becomes pastor.

1986    Rev. Dale Orihood becomes pastor.   During this time, the parking
            lot located at the back of the church is lowered and paved.   On Sept.
            30, 1990 the new Family Life Center is dedicated.

1994    Rev. Gary Hayes becomes pastor and purchases and demolishes the
            house next to the church and builds a parking lot.   In 2003 the church
            votes to relocate the church to an undermined site.

2005    Rev. Michael Lyons becomes pastor.   A major renovation of the church
            sanctuary begins in February of 2006.   The sanctuary is dedicated on
            August 20, 2006.



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