Doors to the Past

Newspaper Articles

These are Newspaper articles that were published in the Cabell Standard
or the West Virginia Standard (Post) and the Wayne County Newspaper.

These articles were written by staff writer's and other people in the Cabell County community and Submitted to the newspaper to be published.

Permission was given to Doors to the Past to use these articles on this Web Site.

In some cases pictures were added to the article by Doors to the Past to accent the article.

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1.    Doors to the Past  --  (Article on Webmaster)

2.    Sampson Sanders   --  (Former Slave Owner)

3.    William P. Yates  --  (Former Slave Owner)

4.    Milton High School  --  (Brief History)

5.    Barboursville High School  --  (Brief History)

6.    Hidden History in Salt Rock  --  (Native Americans)

7.    All Roads Lead to Heck  --  (Heck Funeral Home)

8.    Barnett Hospital Resuscitated  --  (Brief History)

9.    1875 Huntington Bank Robbery --  (Jesse James)

10.  Milton Village Inn

11.  Milton Old Covered Bridge

The following articles first came out on Doors to the Past.
They were latter republished on either the Cabell Standard
or the West Virginia Standard (Post) newspaper with the
permission of Doors to the Past.

1.    History of Mud River Baptist Church  --  (Brief History)

2.    Morris Memorial Hospital  --  (Brief History)

3.    A History of Cabell County  --  (Brief History)

4.    History of the Milton Community  --  (Brief History)

5.    Linda's Rock  --  (Lighthouse Baptist Church)

6.    Ousley's Gap Community  --  (Brief History)

Herald Dispatch Newspaper

1.    The Church in the Wildwood

2.    Monument Commemorates Sep. 11 Victims




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